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MO : nespresso Citiz machines

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I am trying to see if there are enough interest to do a MO for the Nespresso Citiz machines.

Currently i think i maybe able to get the retro white ( cream ) colour without milk shipping to singapore for about $420sgd all in.


These are sets from europe therefore voltage is the same just that the plug is different so you can just use those multi plug and plug it in. I believe it is the 2 pin type(germany plug). Just google the plug and you will see how it looks like.


this is the version




Please fill in if you are interested.








I maybe able to get 1 red and 1 black citiz with milk for $520sgd ( but not sure yet )


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sorry no warranty.


i maybe able to get it at 400sgd. but pending the quantity.


I have been using the older one from 3 years from france .. no problems so far.


Hardwarezone has a guy organising a MO as well, his from UK .. any problems he willing to bring back to UK but you pay $100 for the shipping costs.


As far as i know warranty is only for one year locally. and singapore only carries the red and grey i think.


Black and Retro white is only available overseas.


Local prices retail prices are $548. and if you get discount using the cards is also 5-7% unless special promo.


and you cant get this colour here.  

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