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Best Aspect Ratio for Projection Screen

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How do you go about deciding the best aspect ratio? Depending on the material watched? Or the projector?


I am in the "build mode" right now and have to buy both the screen and projector. So the projector is undecided.


The material is likely to be 95% movies and 5% TV.


Should I be thinking of a 16:9 screen or 2.35:1 screen


Or does it solely depend on the projector in which case I am stuck waiting to buy a PJ before the screen?

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I'm roughly in the same position regarding purchasing, and I'm going with a 2.35:1 screen, because I'll be watching movies mainly, and it seems that most movies these days are more or less 2.35:1. Unfortunately even these widescreen ones are not all standard in AR, so there will STILL be either some grey bars or chopped off left and right parts with some movies.


The potential downside is that there might be a problem with subtitles that are positioned on the grey bars, because they assume that 2.35:1 movies will be shown on a 16:9 device. I say "potential" because I read somewhere that some equipment can reposition the subtitles, but of course if it's hardcoded into the video, you're stuck.


The other possible downside is disks like Dark Knight that suddenly switch AR (a real PITA and totally unnecessary IMO). I have never watched that so I have no idea whether this can be "deselected".


The other issue with 2.35:1 is that unless you go with an anamorphic lens, which adds a whole new dimension in cost, you will be projecting grey bars onto your screen frame and the wall on which the screen is mounted. This might not be a problem depending on how black the greys are (sounds odd, I know) with your projector.

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Hi ,


The aspect ratio all depends on the your viewing habits and type of source that are also going to be played .


Not all the the blue rays are in 2.35 or 2.4 as sonofdbn said dark night is one of cases , if i am not wrong the transformers also have the different formats.


If you watching concert , crist potti, David foster , Ceiling dion .....they are in 16:9


Games are in 16:9


Home movies shoot in HD camera 16:9


Football or TV HD source are in 16:9


The choice is yours ......

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