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Denon 1910 + Boston CS 2310 = $1199? good or bad

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Hi to all the bro/experts.....


as beginner to HT - I was busy checking out the action at some of the recommended places in Singapore. Sad to say most of the good stuffs seems to be out of my budget


However, i come accoss this bundle


Denon 1910 + Boston CS 2310 = $1199


I find this price agreeable to my budget of less than 1400. But i also dun wish to buy anything that's on display and taken as carrot head. As I saw Denon 1910 selling around $700-800 onli.


In addition, I know nuts about good speaker - when the salesman play transformer blue ray - just feel something is missing from the setup but not that I can tell much into it anyway.


My plan is to buy a good receiver and upgrade slower....so comment or recommendation would be helpful.

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Any idea if they sell Denon 2310 without the speakers? How much would that be?


$980 inclusive of GST, cash and carry, if you ask nicely at some SLS level 1 shops  ;)


Bewarned though, our denon 2310 is not UK tuned one hor, so the 5 stars of WHF is not relevant. If you want for $100 more you should also audition the Marantz SR6004 that supports ipod and bluetooth streaming.


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I think this is not healthy. Can just share the shop name. We should have the right to share the shop name if it is a really good deal.


While I was searching for satelite yesterday in sim lim. Alpha audio quoted me $299 for the set which is a rather good deal. This mean that the demon should be costing in the range of $900 to $1000.

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