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Posting of compatibility issues in burning of demo3 disc and blueray players.

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Hi All ,


Since the start of d/l the AVCHD XP-DD3 winrar files

& burning using a blank DVD +R DL disc,somehow

there will be some issues like burned disc not able to read or

rather it could be a minor pause in the video & the lists goes on .......


Rather than let it play by chance or hoping for the best results in the final burnings

of the completed project demo disk, just my thought if we can somehow have this thread

for sharing, suggestion & posting of possible hardware issues eg.


1.types/brand of DVD+R or -R DL used in burning.

2.types of DVD/Bluray writer/player used in burning process.

3.Using type of burner prog. eg.ImgBurner to burn the ISO into disc.

4.type/model of bluray player used in playing the demo disc concerned.


The above are some of typical problems face by demo3 disc interest grp members.

Maybe it can be further improved by having more inputs from fellow XP members.

Any form of constructive suggestion/s with regard to above topics are most welcome !!!






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