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Incredibly cute, yes… but once these little amps (think CD size) starts singing you realise it’s really a case of substance over style. It is well known that “tube watts” are something else, but until you hear how these 2.5-watters sing with the Omega single-driver loudspeakers you might not believe what 2.5 watts can do!


For product details:



For product reviews including 6moon's Realsization Award!



Available now at $380.


Note: There is an “APPJ” branded tube amp being sold in the market, but not by authorised MiniWatt dealers. It may look like the MiniWatt S1, but is not the same. For more information from the manufacturer please click here:



Please feel free to ask any questions - call/SMS us at 8309 8399.


Raindrop Audio



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