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Need NMP NMT education

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Hi all,


Please bear with the noob wanting to throw some $$ on NMP/NMT.

I have read through the multiple threads on the subject here and it gave me a SEVERE HEADACHE :(


Where do I start?

Looking through the specs is pointless to me cos I know nuts about which video/audio formats I should be looking for!


I know I need lots of hand holding here. Hoping for some kind soul to guide me .....


From what I gather, there is little difference between NMP and NMT.


What do I need in order to set up a NMT?

I subscribe to 10Mbps mio package. This is good enough or....?

I need a ethernet connection to the NMT or wifi is fine? Of cos preferably wifi....

Need to add on a BD ROM into the NMT?

Need a 2.5" HDD (internal or external)??


What do I get out of it?

Does it outputs DTS audio?

I suppose it outputs HD video?


How does it work? It downloads from the www into the HDD before playing?


How much should I budget? Which unit do u recommend?


Any help is appreciated.


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