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Which shop offer cable home trial with money back warranty

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Sorry for another newbie post.


Want to find out which shop offer IC/power cord home trial or has money back warranty for cables.

It is hard to make my mind for which brand or which cable to go. I think the only way to make this decision is get the cable and try on my system.


However, I cannot afford to buy a lot of cables at one time. So, just wondering if there is any shop has above scheme and allows me to try some cables.


Thanks in advance.




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not many shops does that. unless you buy alot of stuffs from them before and they know you very well.

well i can offer my IeGO cables for trial, in this case only the L80520 and silver interconnects/speaker wires if you are interested.

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many shops offer this.. infact almost all the shops i have been to.

i think a lot depends on the comfort level the shop has with you more so than a 'policy' thing.

the more friendly ones.. audiotrio, raindrop audio, norman audio, etc.

those dealers that are not so willing to allow home audition, sometimes offer to come down to my place instead, and some of them have been here with their cables.


if not, spend some time making friends on the forum, visiting or opening your place.

easy way to hear more cables. :)


lastly, to cut down the effort just ask for recommendations of what character u are looking for in a cord before auditioning.. its also not nice to audition and not buy anything from the shops. they are providing a service that is not free, afterall.

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