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Speaker input to amplifier help

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Hi all


Need some advice on speaker input as I'm pretty new to setup my sound system.


I got an old Marantz PM44SE amplifier with the following specs:


Output power:

70W+70W (4ohms)

60W+60W (6ohms)

50W+50W (8ohms)  


THD:  0.03%  

Frequency characteristic:  10Hz-100kHz+0 -3 dB  

SN ratio:  High Level:106dB  

Power consumption:  120W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)  


The back of my amplifier looks like this:


My questions is am I able to input 2 sets of speakers with the specs of 8 ohms, 10-150watts, 90dB?


Just wanna make sure I don't overkill my amp.



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First thing that will kill your amplifier is your power supply. ;D

Noted that it is a 100V model.

Either you have a step down or a selector switch in the amp.



Yes you can connect 2 pair of speaker of 8ohms each minimum

to the respective A and B speaker post.

if anything lower than 8 ohms, you may kill your amp.



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Opps.. ignore that 100V. Got that pic off the internet  :P


Oh so the higher the ohms of the speakers has would meant lesser pressure for the amplifier to produce watts to it. Is this what it is saying?


By the way, out of curiosity... anyone made that mistake of killing their amp before? What actually happens to the amplifer? (smoke comes out or something?)


Thanks hosm for the reply!

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Its low impedance, typically below 2 Ohms that may kill your amp if its not built to handle it. If you connect two 8 Ohms speakers in parallel then the impedance to the amplifier becomes 4 Ohms i.e if your amp allows A and B outputs together. This in theory will still not kill your amp as typically most good quality solid state amps are stable down to 2 ohms. The fact they have labelled it 4-16 Ohms suggests that the amp will still be able to handle even 2 pairs of 4 Ohms speakers.

If the amp can't handle the impedance it will first clip which sounds like a loud stutter and if that is ignored then fuse blows, smoke from amp and/or speaker.



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