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Another subwoofer build

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I just finished building a subwoofer for a friend. No, this is not the ultimate subwoofer that the bassheads are craving for, but rather a good value subwoofer that doesn't cost a bomb and it can go low Hz at very decent SPL; and space friendly too.


The cabinet size is limited at 45x45x55 cm. The design was worked around this. So I played around with WinISD to simulate few 12" woofers and chose one that is more suitable for this cabinet. The cost and availability were also taken into consideration. It seemed that 12" Dayton Titanic MKIII is the better option.


Simulation showed that it can go quite low in this cabinet with proper port tuning frequency. F3 is around 25Hz in simulation but it should probably go down to 20Hz with some room gain. 



Cone excursion is well within its X-max at 100+dB


Slot port design was chosen and tuned to 26Hz. The port area is sufficient to keep the air flow low enough at over 100dB.



It only takes 100W of power to reach more than 100dB SPL and therefore I thought that OAudio 300W BASH amp should be sufficient to drive the woofer. I couldn't find any better value subwoofer amp  than this amp (watt, feature, price). It's good enough to meet the design objective.


Cabinet construction uses 18mm MDF. The cabinet comprises amp chamber, slot port and main chamber for the woofer.




Here's the cabinet with the woofer




and here's the final product in mapple wood veneer. It looks sweet from the outside but there's a beast inside.  ;D




I didn't have a chance to drive this subwoofer to the limit but initial warming up seemed to show its potential as simulated.  :)



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Haha thanks... synthesis-sound kinda nice.....


Yes you need to order the amp direct from OAudio. It's quite straightforward and shipping is fast enough by USPS.  http://www.oaudio.com/


Btw I just ran series of test tones and I'm pleasantly surprised that this little baby still has output down to 16Hz in my living room.  :) but I just realised that my room is excited at 36Hz.  :'(

The subwoofer is crossed at about 60Hz.


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Hi Bro,


I believe slot port should work the same as round port at the same tuning freq. It's just that you need a bit more planning for wood cutting for the slot port. The disadvantage with slot port is that once you build you cannot fine tune the port tuning freq while you can adjust the tuning freq of round port more easily by adding/cut the pipe. Slot port looks more elegant though...


The amp has separate chamber to make sure there's no air leak through the amp mounting/knob etc and cause farting noise. I believe OAudio amp is said to be airtight but kiasu a bit...  ;) 

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Thanks Bernie,

Ya I guess 36 Hz is due to the room because I also experience the same with the other sub.

10Hz sub sounds like quite a big cabinet.... Let see the design and see if it's comfortable enough to build in my tiny flat. 


You'll prolly need a 15" driver, or two 12"


Hsu ULS-15 can reach 10Hz in a box that's 18"(w) x19.25"(d) 20.25".



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Thanks Bro.

Your sub with bigger box should perform better than this.

Btw, this is for the guy who bought your AVR.  ;)



Small world isn't it.  My big box,  still not sure how to tune it to max it.  Just trialing  and error. 

Thanks once again.



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