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JVC Clear Motion Drive

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The Projector Central review of the RS25 says:

"Clear Motion Drive does not work well on 24 fps film sources being transmitted in 24p. There are simply too many distracting artifacts to make it usable. When it comes to movies, it is the least successful of the frame interpolation systems we have seen on home theater projectors."


Can someone explain the relevance of this in terms of how frequently this transmitting of 24fps material in 24p would occur in normal usage? (Yes, I am totally confused.)

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IIRC, 1080p24 isn't exactly 24fps. It's more like 23.976 or something like that.


Some devices may send out 24fps instead of the 23.976. This is usually a bug like with earlier gen firmware of some HD DVD and BR players.


That often causes sync issues with audio and video. With some of the old firmware, you'd have the video run fine for maybe 10-15 secs, then the sync error kicks in, and it appears to be a dropped frame.


Some NMT devices gives you the option of choosing either 23.976 or 24fps.


Not sure if this is what projector central is referring to.


Maybe gotta ask econav on whether he's seen this in his setup.



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as DH asked , I can only say this @ this point in time;


J ( Under doing it ) , P ( doing it the way you want ) , E ( over doing it )


Under doing it : not fast enough processing , look layer update at time .

Do it the way you want : you have control over the process and speed.

Over do it : first timer look at it WoW , Videophile say No No ,animated clear digital.


I don't think  buyer of RS-25/35 is after that , perhap this is new for them ;D and give it sometime lor ;D

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As Joel Silver always reiterate: "To get the best result, always match the input with the output". :-*


In short, if the content is encoded in native 24p ( ie film ), then should the projector allows, play it back using 24P and not 50P or 60P. Some projector, including new JVC RS range, play back 24P as 48Hz, doubling the framerate and technically "smoothening" the supposed motion judder ( not the correct phrase to use but no other words I can think of ) in film, which some people are sensitive to ( especially in fast camera pans ).


The same applies to pixel-to-pixel matching. For lower than 1080p source ( eg. standard def TV or DVD ), never be too smart and try to "upscale" the 480 lines to 1080 lines!  >:(Regardless how good a scaler is, it will never be able to accurately "map" the 480 lines to 1080 lines. The only thing it does is to duplicate the picture information to fill up the 1080 space and trick your eyes into believing there is "more" information, which of cos is not true.  :(In the process of so doing, artifacts and noise are introduced into the picture and playbacked at the same time, creating more problems!!! ???


P/S: JVC's CMD is not designed to playback 24P. If I am not wrong, it is useful only in "interlaced" mode playback such as 50i or 60i.

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