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Should I replace my old Denon AVR 2803 receiver?

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Hi brothers,


I would like to hear comment especially those who have gone through this path of upgrading your old receiver.


I am using a 4 years plus old Denon AVR 2803 receiver with Def Tech 100 7.1 speaker system. I connect my Samsung 1500 Bluray player using optical cable to the receiver. The hmdi connection is direct from 1500 to my plasma for the video. 



I am quite happy with the sound quality after moving into bluray with the above setup.  The only problem is there is no hdmi connection. So, thinking of a new receiver with hdmi.


I recently auditioned the Onkyo 707 and Marantz 1501 receivers. But I feel there is only slight improvement than my old setup. Maybe slightly better channel separation and clearer. I don't feel like a significant improvement.


Now I am in the dilemma if I should keep my current setup or go for higher end receiver like the Onkyo 807 or Yamaha 1065.


Any comment which path I should go will be much appreciated.     

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If the 2803 supports analog multichannel in, can consider some of the BRs with analog multichannel outputs.


For one thing, they'd probably load up a lot faster than the old Samsung...


Then if you really want an improvement in SQ, get a power amp. The 2803 supports pre-amp outputs, right?

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