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need help on subwoofer connection

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I am using a denon 1909 AVR, trying to connect Polk audio PSW10 to it.


There is only a 1 pin output from 1909, and the sub line has 2 pins, L&R. I connected only 1 pin to the L Line in at the subwoofer, there is a constant hum, which basically overwhelm the bass from the movies


Do I need to buy the Y cable to connect to both L&R line in at the subwoofer


ALso, there are some setting which I need advise what to set


knob for low pass(Hz) 80, 100, 160

Knob for Phase : 0 or 180 Deg


What should I set

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Having it connected to L only should be good enough. No need to split with a Y cable. You can put a Y if you want. The humming could be the amp in the subwoofer is faulty. Does it hum when not playing anything?


Low Pass filter: 80 or 100 should be good unless your main speakers are really small.

Phase: Try it yourself. You might not even hear a difference.


edit: the low pass setting also depends on what you set in your AVR. If you set your AVR to 80, then set your subs low pass value to 80 or higher.

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