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Project Terminated - X'tremeplace Demo Disc III (Blu-ray Version)

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After reviewing the current situation coupled with the poor response from member willing and able to help in distributing the blu-ray version of this demo disc...attributed mainly to the lack of Blu-ray ReWriter, I have made up my mind that this version will not be released...In order to reap the benefits of mass sharing, we will require members to have the the Blu-ray ReWriter for the cause to be realized. I guess the timing isn't right for the moment. So regrettably, this project will be dropped off from the forum's radar and until such time when most of us have the Blu-ray ReWriter to help in distribution will I consider to re-open it. So for now...only the AVCHD version will be circulated. :)




This will be the compilation of the Blu-ray version...


Compilation summary:


Format: For Blu-ray player (BD-R/BD-RE disc)

Project Name  : X'tremeplace Demo Disc (Blu-ray Version)


        1. THX - Tex Moo Can                        [00:00:30]

        2. Avatar (Trailer)                        [00:03:30]

        3. Prince of Persia (Trailer)              [00:02:30]

        4. Dolby - Bit Harvest Intro                [00:00:11]

        5. DTS - SFX Intro                          [00:00:21]

        6. Monsters vs Aliens                      [00:04:00]

        7. Up                                      [00:02:36]

        8. Ratatouille                              [00:04:42]

        9. The Incredibles                          [00:06:54]

      10. Get Smart                                [00:05:37]

      11. The International                        [00:04:15]

      12. Valkyrie                                [00:02:45]

      13. Shooter                                  [00:06:12]

      14. Gamer                                    [00:03:25]

      15. The Spirit                              [00:06:02]

      16. Land of the Lost                        [00:04:09]

      17. Step Up 2                                [00:05:56]

      18. Knowing                                  [00:04:12]

      19. Defiance                                [00:04:36]

      20. G I  Joe                                [00:11:06]

      21. Terminator Salvation                    [00:08:43]

      22. Transformers II                          [00:04:33]

      23. Star Trek                                [00:11:53]

      24. Taken                                    [00:07:14]

      25. The Sniper (HK)                          [00:07:56]

      26. Ong Bak II                              [00:03:12]

      27. K-20                                    [00:05:00]

      28. Fast and Furious                        [00:06:58]

      29. The Dark Knight                          [00:07:56]

      30. Die Hard 4 0                            [00:05:16]

      31. Barbra Streisand - The way we were      [00:03:31]

      32. Hitman Concert - Peter Cetera            [00:05:52]

      33. Hitman Concert - Charice                [00:05:25]

      34. Pioneer HD Montage                      [00:08:36]

      35. Simple Symphony - Boisterous Bourree    [00:03:01]

      36. Eagles - Hotel California                [00:06:29]

      37. Duran Duran - Finest Hour                [00:03:57]

      38. Celine Dion - If Walls Could Talk        [00:04:30]


Overall duration : 03:13:31

Output size      : 21620 MiB (21.114 GiB)


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Next year - when my server upgrade is done, I would consider hosting the bluray image online .... if thats an option.


Yeap...that's what I think so too...I am very grateful for all your support since Demo Disc Project II.


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Maybe those having Media Players (NMT, Realtek, etc) can still copy the file as ISO into their HDD. I can host the file/s online via Rapidshare. My Megaupload and Megashare accounts are ending but (not confirmed) I may still be able to host them there for a while.


Thanks for the effort...but I've made up my mind on this Blu-ray version.


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Well, looking on the bright side of things, it simply means when bluray writers are common in households, there will be an Xtremeplace Demo 4 and that Disc III won't be the last we see from Desray :)


Kudos to you bro Des !

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