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2:3 speaker/amp switch


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I just built a rather special speaker/amp switch....


all signals are separately switched, i.e. L- in and R- in are not tied together (NOTE many cheap speaker switches use a common negative terminal for L&R)


2 to 3 in either direction, all fully powered in the following config with power off setting of A to 1 if anything is not powered on.


A and B switched via 2 DPDT relays (one for each channel) (can also test Bi wired capable speakers with 2 different cables on the same amp) - granted there will be some small common connection from the amp to the switch.


1, 2 and 3 switched via 4 DPDT relays


Pictures below








Thanks (BIG TIME) to Bro Francis for the Banana Binding posts. Cool

KOBA was the source for all the other bits 6 x DPDT relays very heavy duty break before make changeover type 12V at @$7 each, plus 3 SPDT switches and a cheapo case with +/-5V power supply (split = 10V) for $18 and some drilling later.


This will be used for speaker shootouts as and when the opportunity comes up. A 4m cabled remote operation is also in the works when I have time to do it.



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Guest francis woo

Congratulations Wiz, you have finally done it....looks great.  Now, let's see who will be interested in the monitor speakers' shoot out.  Suggestions please................ :D

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