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Waveguide GTG IV


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Hope I got that number correct ;)

Thanks for Roger to bring in yet another great compression driver. This time it's Celestion CDX1-1745, along with 8" and 10" pro Celestion drivers.




We did polar measurements and then listen to them as dipoles to check out the cleanliness of the sound. They are very good indeed. The 10" was even better, interestingly.

Then we installed and measured the Celestion on Ewave waveguide (Pyle/JBL PT clone) and got this :thumb:



We listened and compared the Celestion against much more expensive B&C DE250 and it was indistinguishable. Awesome value !

Blue: B&C

Black: Celestion


I posted the full results here:


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Not a problem.

Yes, they are "full production" econowave. I'm trying my best (I dislike "admin") to document the xo at my blog (see "S15") but basically 1250hz LR2. I've done the woofer doco and you can see it's equalised using linkwitz biquad for critically damped response + baffle step. The tweeter basically just notch (which I haven't documented).

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