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G'day there illusiv , glad you've wandered in , feel free to look around and catch up with the boy's.

Lot's of knowledge to pass on and wise heads to advise on some of the pitfalls , enjoy.

Some of the boy's from a recent GTG.


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Welcome 'illusiv'

good to have another hi fi nutter onboard.

Feel free to post ANY opinions, thoughts, ask for advice etc etc anything you like.

There are absolutely no rules here to worry about,


racist or religious comments or slurs

slandering another member

personal attacks

rude language

criticising anyone

saying anything like..."CD players are much better than turntables" (absolutely do NOT go there buddy, no, no, no)

oh, also do not ask if cables make a difference to the sound, big no no

what else??? hmmmm???

very much do not ask anything like this...

what is a:




bass trap




vinyl record

and so on, you get the idea.

And, if you ever feel the need to blow off some steam, we are currently putting together a new forum for....SLEDGING

Yes, that's right, you can NOT sledge anyone who has gotten under your skin publicly on the forum but you can just give me a buzz, I am the new SLEDGING councillor here.

You can let rip in private no holds barred as they say.

Anyway, other than that, you'll have nothing to be concerned about.

Welcome mate...icon14.png


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Greetings Illusiv

Welcome aboard. If you live down Redland Bay way feel free to drop around to hear my system and cadre of DAC's. Drop me a line and we can make a time if you are interested. I think you will find it interesting.



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