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HD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc and Player Prices in Aussie - Should I Buy?

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As Petetherock has mentioned there is a buy-two-get-one-free offer in Aussie for Blu-Ray. That means spending roughly AUD$80 for 3 Blu-Rays. Roughly that works out to SGD$35.75. Some of the titles are Region B only, grrr.


There is another offer for a limited selection of HD-DVDs and Blu-Rays, 2 for AUD$50. Roughly that works out to SGD$33.50.


Also, here are the Blu-Ray player prices with an offer of 5 Blu-Rays included. For the Sony players you get Spiderman too.

Sony S300 AUD$746

Sony S500 AUD$1046

Sharp AUD$696

Panasonic AUD$1293 but says ask for a deal


HD-DVD player and movies are now available in more places that were Blu-Ray specific before. E.g JB Hi-Fi.


Toshiba hd-e1 AUD$596

Toshiba hd-ep10 AUD$796

Toshiba hd-xe1 AUD$1296


According to the Toshiba web site the prices should be cheaper than that by taking into account $100 cash back. You also get free 4 x HD titles ‐ choice of 4 out of 8 HD titles (Superman Returns, Troy, Batman Begins, V For Vendetta, Perfect Storm, Syriana, Polar

Express, Ant Bully)


Still not quite at the "buy me now" price ;)

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