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How much a 100" Projector screen cost in SG

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I have bought Infocus LP70+ (from ebay used bulb usage 56 hour, still have life of 3944 hours).

Now i am thinking to get a Projector screen but shipping cost of 120USD projector screen from US to Singapore cost about 250USD.

I am trying to prepare a HT for beginner :P, any one can guide me if i should get screen from Singapore and get from US and ship to Singapore. I am thinking to get a screen like



Thanks for any help.


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Try the user FookLai. He was looking to sell one not so long ago.


Sam, in the end I exchanged with someone for a fixed screen,(of course, plus top up from my side.)  commonjunks, Please take note that tripod screen need quite a lot of space for full stretch of its leg, I got the tripod screen home only to found out that it cant be place along my HT equipment.


Fook Lai 

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Hi FookLai,


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately there is not enough space between my HTS and sofa to project 70~80" :(.

My infocus LP70+ require about 9~10 feet distance from screen to fill 100" screen.

I was thinking to put tripod screen near my dinning table (only when watching movie/Korean dramas).


Can you guys suggest any shop where i can drop by to see screens (but i have low budget :( (300~400S$)).

Any advise?

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