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Blu-ray & HD-DVD cheap sale

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Most blu-ray titles in the earlier promotion are sold out online.

But there's another new promotion for Disney blu-ray titles at US$13.49 each:





Deja Vu [blu-Ray]

Apocalypto [blu-Ray]

Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest [blu-Ray]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl [blu-Ray]

Wild Hogs [blu-Ray]

The Prestige [blu-Ray]

Pearl Harbor [blu-Ray]

Annapolis [blu-Ray]

The Lookout [blu-Ray]

Reign of Fire [blu-Ray]

Invincible [blu-Ray]

Remember the Titans [blu-Ray]

G.I. Jane [blu-Ray]

The Guardian [blu-Ray]

Flightplan [blu-Ray]

Enemy of the State [blu-Ray]

Gone in 60 Seconds [blu-Ray]

Dinosaur [blu-Ray]

Bridge to Terabithia [blu-Ray]




Blu-ray (US$9.99) & HD-DVD (US$13.50) cheap sale at:




See original postings below for selected titles on sale:





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Unfortunate case, did you use their own DHL international shipment or through VPost?

Fry's is like the Walmart chain of tech hardware/software product store when it comes to sale promotions. No problems with them when I was in the US, they are pretty reputable.


ordered from fry's once but the shipment never came >:(

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Thanks for all these lobangs bro.

Where did u get this info from? I look at Amazon website but find no links to this promotion. Only can access this through the link you've provided.

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