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Bookshelf Spks recommendation (budget 600-800)

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Anyone with good bookshelf speakers to recommend???

Mainly use in bedroom, for music thus looking for bookshelf and not a 5.1/7.1 setup.

Looking for clarity - midrange..


Music: instrumental/newage/classical

CDP: Marantz CD17MKIII

AMP: Denon AV2750(v.old model)

Headphone amp/pre-amp: Heed canamp


My budget is around 600-800 range, am interested in the Jamo concert 5 or Jamo concert 8. Anyone think the two jamo speakers worth auditioning??? Know the price is over-budget, but if it is really good, am willing to up budget a bit....


Understand that speakers need personal opinion and audition. But with so many out there to choose, I need help to narrow down and also recommendations for Adelphi shops(other than KEC)

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One brand name thats not been mentioned, and you have to ask about it?


;D ;D


I find speakers are a rather personal choice more so than any other equipment. if you listen and like it, no one can say you are wrong. they might tell you things like - poor freq response, can get better for the money la, etc etc but if you like it, why should you care.



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Wow, so many recommendations for me to try, Thanks a Million to Xtremeplace's forumers!


BTW, anyone got any comments for JAMO speaker??



hv the Jamo satellite E500, only 5 x 8 inch box but amazingly big sound and very sweet n musical  too.  fm my journey, KEF n Jamo ranks well in terms of good sound, at least to my ears,  ;D

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