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Scrolling text on widescreen TV.

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I changed from a 29" CRT to a 32" LCD recently, and my wife complains that the scrolling text on ChannelNewsAsia is going by too fast on the new TV compared to the old one. Initially I was sceptical, as intuitively you would think that it is the same speed. But then I thought about it further...


The text has to travel a longer distance on the 32" TV compared to the 29". Since the time available for scrolling is the same , in order to travel a greater distance it must travel at a higher speed. Sounds logical. Can anyone dispute or verify this?


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Or she can sit further away from the screen.  :-X


Hahaha. She can sit further away from the screen. that's a good one. Bro, it ain't like they upgraded from a 29inch to a 100inch you know.


Hahaha. Have you tried asking your mother to sit further away from the TV, or for that matter doing anything different from what she's been doing practically her whole life?? Hahaha.

Human beings, bro. Human beings.


But good one anyway.



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