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panasonic 42" plasma @ $1859 with $500 NTUC voucher

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Is Fairprice xTra now distributing the higher end AMOI TVs/




just saw this promo in AMK hub NTUC.


I thought it is a SUPER deal. $1859 for a 42" panasonic plasma with $500 ntuc voucher. 3 year warranty somemore. So the plasma is like $1359..... dunno what model...


Promo ends on 30th Sep though...

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Was at HN Central Point on Sunday. 42PV70 was quoted at 2100 with 500 ntuc voucher n 3 yr pana warranty. Now no more voucher liao. I didnt buy, instead i hooted the hitachi 9500 (me n my wife didnt see any flickerin, so can on) at 1989 w 3+2 yr HN warranty. delivery is on 10/10 or later. Too poor to buy the new 428 at 4K+... Spent 2k now to enjoy upscaling dvd n chg to full HD 5 yr later. anyway, my pigeon eyes cant tell the diff between pio n hitachi.  ;D but my eagle wallet can!

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bro ktee, how did you end up getting the 9500? PV7 not better than 9500 meh? 9500 may have problem supporting PC input due to its weird resolution......


I may want to hoot a PV7 (or maybe 9500) just tong a few months.....is Harvey Norman still selling any PV7 that comes with 5 years HN insurance? The chances of PV7 break down within 5 years should be higher than others. hehe....

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Wanted to get KURO - too ex. >4K


Wanted to get PV70 - but MIS/MIC n 3yr warranty. (speakers is at bottom)


Decided on 9500 - speakers at side (audio fr 9500 is better than Pana), MIJ n 5 yr HN warranty for <2k. Can tong for some yrs liao. I also like the full black design which looks gr8 on my wall. They even gave me an extra desktop stand.


3 or 5 yrs later, spend another 2k buying KURO or full HD or even better TV.  ;D


So far no problem playing AVI from portable 2.5" HD ($6 casing with 30GB HD) thru USB port in OPPO 980.


The PQ fr 9500 is gd for me. IF the content is good, the display will be. if u feed lousy content to  KURO, u will disappoint too.


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it is amazing that the price went up for the panasonic plasma. It used to be $13xx a couple of months back.


Anyway I got a 37" bravia S series a couple of days back for my mom. $1699 with $200 choice vouchers and 5 years warranty at best denki.


I thought it was quite a good buy, $1499 for a 37" sony S series with 5 year warranty.

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