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Mediacorp HD resolution?

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Hi all, sorry to ask a basic qn but could not find the answer.


On mediacorp website it says that the broadcast HD resolution is 1366x768, so does that mean that it is pointless for me to get a 1080p TV? I'm thinking of signing up for the Singnet Broadband which gives the Sony V series 32".

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1366x768 resolution = HD ready.


True full HD resolution should be 1920x1080.


However, many would argue that a full HD TV is not necessary for screen sizes of 42" and smaller, or if you sit far away from the TV.


All local HD transmissions (MediaCorp/StarHub/MioTV) are in 1080i. Unless you have a 1080p source like the PS3, you won't need a 1080p compatible TV.


The Sony 32" V series would work just fine. Even though it cannot display the full 1920x1080 resolution, it'll down-convert the signal to the TV's native resolution.

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