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Onkyo 875 - Bi-Amp & Bi-Wire

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Hi, bros. Hopefully you could shed some enlightenment.


On owning Onkyo 875, I am still having lots of fun with it and thinking to maximise its AV capabilities. At the moment, the Front L/R are pre-out via Interconnect to Audiolab amp, and Mission 774 spkrs are Bi-Wired to Audiolab (HF and LF cabled to Audiolab Spkr Outputs A and B respectively). This means I could have dedicated stereo and 'shared' AV at a chosen time :clap:


Now, I incidentally read abt Bi-Amp. So...so I am now thinking.... ::) Can I connect the spkr HF to Onkyo 875 Front L/R and the spkr LF to Audiolab Spkr Output A  ???


I could think of one problem is when I play dedicated stereo, then I have to put back the shorting link for sprk HF and LF, while playing stereo CD.


Please enligthen me, esp. the proposed Bi-Amp set up for AV :lease: (Will I blow up the Spkrs?)

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