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Sharp unveils a new Blu-Ray Video burner with 1TB of HDD

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Sharp unveils a new Blu-Ray Video burner with 1TB of HDD


Behold the ultimate video recording machine the BD-HDW20, a Blu-Ray dual Layer video recorder with 1TB of HDD and Digital W TV Tuner (2 Digital tuners), our best is compatible with the DTS-HD, Dolby NR TrueHD, DTS-HD HRA… and will be available in Japan this number for roughly 1800 Euros.


In addition to this model, Sharp also proposed a lighter version of the HDW20 with a 500GB HDD, the HDW15, as well as the BD-AV10, which does not have an HDD. It also only has 1 Digital tuner. Finally, the cheapest Blu-ray recorder on the Japanese market, the BD-AV1, with a single Digital TV Tuner only able to record 1 layer Blu-Ray discs, this just for 615 Euros.


Anyway enjoy our 15 pictures that we took this afternoon at the Sharp press conference.









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