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《色,戒》 LUST and CAUTION- Clean cut? sure or not?

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Singapore version is 《戒,色》



muahhahahahah nice one! BFC, are you listening or eating KFC?

congregation of those moronic, conservative fathers like the one in Cinema Paradiso.

if you want to protest that you aren't one, then listen to our continuing discontent and protests against censoring (not to even mention excessive) the films, taking away the essence.

we can think for ourselves. you cut the film, we can choose not to watch.

you can start the ERP everywhere, but people will still buy cars (you can continue to make money but lose the votes, that is)



the free Chinese daily, My Paper, talked about the differing opinions of the public with regards to this controversial excessive censoring.

don't mean to be offensive, but the one particular interviewee who said that it's rather all right (about the cut) and will still continue to support the good film (is it still a good one? like you suck out all the juice from a KFC crispy drumstick?).

guess his/her occupation? civil servant, that is.

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I remember back in 2004, the 'Dawn of the Dead' remake was first shown in cinemas as M18 (or was it NC16) with cuts.


Later on, it was re-released as R21 without cuts.


Maybe they can do the same for Lust Caution.........

i have a same feeling it will release an uncut version. reminds me of Love Actually. it re-release with a R(A) rating

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