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Some Question abt Surround Mode

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Hi Guys

care to help me regarding the following surround mode & the best setting to use  ???


1 : Dolby PL||x MV

2 : Dolby PL||x MS

3 : Dolby PL||x GM

4 : NEO : 6 Cinema

5 : NEO : 6 Music

6 : CS|| Cinema

7 : CS|| Music

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All that you listed are surround modes that basically re-processes the audio input into simulated surround sound. Each has their own technique and re-equalisation which result into different sounds.


Which is "best" is totally subjective and like they say  "One man's meat is another man's poison". So, it's entirely up to you.


Example of Dolby's PLII:


WIth Dolby PLIIx, the input can be stereo or 5.1 and it's re-processes into 6.1/7.1.



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Thanks guys for the reply

understood liao  ;)


1 : Dolby PL||x MV <--MV stands for what ah

2 : Dolby PL||x MS <--MS le ??

3 : Dolby PL||x GM <--GM ??



I think MV would mean "Movie". The processing would use a setting that simulates a movie-like sound.


MS would probably be "Music". Ditto the explanation.


GM - not to sure.



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imbest: no - take the ambient sounds as an example: they are already recorded when they make the stereo recording. PLII/IIx is a method of extracting those  ambient sounds and putting them into the surround channels


MV = movie

MS = music

GM = game

basically just tweaking the PLII parameters



more reading






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