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Help with recording music as WMA files and playing back


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can anyone help me with the following? I downloaded a lot of CDs into the PC as WMA files. Then I recorded them onto DVD+R and DVD+RW as I have a player that is supposed to be able to read WMA and is supposedly compatible with DVD RW. However the DVD I burnt cannot be played on the player. What can be the problem? Did I miss something out? Thanx

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why/ dunno.... PC recommended it? thot it had better sq? something like that


Yeah I thought as much....

Luckily Microsoft did not tell you to go and kill you parents...


Well I will let that go for the moment...


Your DVD player probably only suppots WMA8 (also known as WMA); check that you have encoded your music as WMA8 (also known for its crappy inconsistant quality)





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Re: Microsoft: you have to know one bullnutster when it comes to you, otherwise your grandmother is going to give all her money and jewelry to people who come to remove the curse on your daughter.


Microsoft said: "WMA8 96kbps CD Quality" WMA8 128kbps Audiophile Quality",  rest my case.


What you can do is check the specs of your player.

To check the format in your WMA files, you can try Microsoft's ASFviewer


Have you heard of mp3?

You could transcode your files to mp3, but you might loose a bit of quality.

You should re-encode your music to mp3



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