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Fragile HDMI cable connectors


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KEC screwed up my simple HT installation big time and will have to re-lay a new 10m HDMI cable from the TV console to the ceiling mounted projector. Luckily, backup component cables were laid beforehand.


Reason? The existing HDMI cable connector pins at the TV console end were "accidentally" damaged.


I realised I just cannot cut off the damaged connector and re-crimp a new HDMI connector easily, like using a RG59/60 hand tool for crimping coaxial cables with BNC/RCA plugs.


Apparently, such a HDMI crimping tool doesn't exist here. At least that was I found out when I called up LHS. Maybe that's why LHS don't even custom-make HDMI cables; ie. they have to be moulded and fabricated by factory machines.


I guess there may be such a HDMI crimping tool available elsewhere, but it's probably more expensive than buying a new 10m HDMI cable.


Think the cable used by KEC is from Texas Sound or something. Not sure if other brands of HDMI cables have more rugged construction for their connectors.


Well, I guess for me, that is the major disadvantage of HDMI cables. Expensive, yet fragile.


just wondering if my case is an isolated problem...

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they usually has a cap on each end of those HDMI cable right ?


And in anyway, it is a good idea to ask them test the cable righ after they laid the cable (before concealing works is being performed).


Sorry to hear man, but hopefully everything will be ok with your setup.

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I had a negative experience with Supra hdmi cable. The connector was not damaged but somehow I was unable to see any image on my display. Sent the cable back to manufacturer and they promptly replaced it with a new one. With added freebie some more.. ;D

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