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How to biamp using a multichannel amplifier?

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Ok, I know it's as simple as hooking up the LF and HF to each channel BUT the million dollar question is...... how to supply the same line-level output to two different sets of input?


E.g. AVR/AVP front left -> amps' front and surround left.


Option 1

- Use a splitter at source end and run two separate run of interconnects. Simple but waste of precious resources. In this case, a pair of Nordost Blue Heaven.


Option 2

- Use a splitter at amp end and D.I.Y a short I/C to bridge both inputs. Relatively simple and but less than ideal in terms of cable characteristics matching.


Option 3

- D.I.Y an adaptor to short the amp's inputs and mate with the Nordost. Challenging.


Any other suggestions?




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