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Shinco DVD player

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No DTS logo means it does not support DTS codec. You may read the User's Manual to confirm.


If I'm not wrong, other DVD players like Enzer, Akira, Aiko, Gazz, Ichiban, etc. do not support DTS codec. 


I'm surprised that your previous Shinco player without DTS could play DTS DVD.



Nope ... my old Shinco DVD player that supports DTS also doesn't have the DTS logo on it ...



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Yup, tried both, heard some hissing/distortion noise only ... switched to DD5.1 and it's fine ...

My old Shinco DVD player plays DTS fine, was surprise the new model

doesn't support DTS ...




Did you check your dvd setting ? Think there is a section where you need to "switch-on" the DTS function.

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