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LX508 and PDP-508

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Both available in UK now.


think LX508 = £3300, PDP508 = £2400 ... oso might get tax back if export outside EU .. so tax rebate can count towards delivery cost.


Any comments if UK prices will be indicative to SGP prices?


If yes ... then SGP LX508 = S$9999, 508 = S$7999

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Pioneer sg is notorious for the markup pricing if I remember correctly from some of the forumer comment.

Take onkyo 875, MSRP is 1000 GBP. Selling price in KEC is around 2000 SGD. So that's like 30% off the MSRP.


But that is Onkyo though so Pioneer would probably UK Price x 3 roughly  ???


By the look of how things is going, I think it will loose up big time the market to Panny set if not already.

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was thinking .. if SGP price will be higher, then might as well get from UK ... power is same as SGP, plug is same ... UK also pal .. so total compatible.


I think if few of us order the Pio LX508 ... price may be better ...


even 99% of the hardcore xtremeplace members do not dare to import a 50" plasma... warranty is a big headache...

not to mentioned the rest of the peasants out there...

so pioneer sg definitely markup their plasma a lot...

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