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**Important: For all EZlink card users


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For you to take note of this important msg.


Out of curiosity, my friend called the Translink enquiry line

1800-225-5663 and the info below is absolutely true.  They charge one

full fare + 63cents for second deduction if flashed at the front

entrance door, but willing to refund if complaint is lodged at the above

tele' number within 5 working days, regretably who is so free to go

through the process, so it's better to avoid such a catch.  Maybe we

should let more people be aware of the above misleading above



Helpful tips for those use EZ Link card.


To those who always use ez card.  Like to bring to your attention on

local bus service provider.


Normally, when you board the bus, you flash your ezlink

card and move in

and when you get down the bus, you flash your card again at the exit

door (located at the middle of the bus).  We all know that if we forget

to flash the card, full fare will be deducted from the card.


Below is something not known to public:-


But if you alight from the front door (the

entrance) and you flash your

card while exiting without informing the bus driver, the card will

capture another entrance fare instead of exit fare thus meaning that two

full fares will be deducted from the card as no exit was being captured

for the two entrances.


For example, you board a crowded bus at Pasir Ris (where it terminates

at Jurong East) and decided to get down ten stops later.  If you flash

your card at the front door without informing the bus-driver, a second

entrance fare will be captured instead of exit fare thu s you are paying

for two full fares ( 2 X $1.90! = $ 3.8 0 ) instead of one fare (approximately $0.83).

This is a useful info.  Here's the solution:-


Go to the "big" machine (i.e. machine for U to top up the card) located

at the MRT stations.

1) Insert your EZ link card

2) Press the function key "Check card"

3) Press "more"

The above function will show U the last 20 transactions.  Information on

the fare deducted, bus no, boarding time and the boarding and alighting

point will be reflected on the screen.


Hope the above information is useful to U.

Please pass this email to

people you know so that they will not pay extra charges for nothing and

burn a big hole in their pockets. !


Last but not least, call the hotline line:

1800 767 4333 when the

incorrect fares are deducted.



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I tot the old system was u cannot flash your card at the entrance door to alight the bus? To do that (with the old system), u need to inform the driver?


Later on, the old system was changed to a new system where u can just flash your card at the entrance door or exit door to alight the bus right? A driver told me that many years ago!


If u happen to flash 2 times when u alight, the reader will show 'Exit OK' regardless of entrance door or exit door. Don't tell me I hv been paying double full fares all these times!!!!!  >:(



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no la.... it does not work this way..


to avoid double charging, u need to make sure that the front entrance scanner shows entry/exit.


it will only change to entry/exit mode when bus is nearing the bus stop.


if u flash the card when its entry mode, then u will kena the double charge.



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