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Help with 2k HTPC Sound Project

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Hi Guys,


Been a long time since I got in touch with audio stuff. Going to upgrade my old system into something more decent. Can you kindly advise me since I'm quite a newbie at audio systems. Need to have ok resale value in case I need to upgrade years later ; ) Looking at audio names rather than household brands. I'm looking at 2k for the upgrades, best would be value for money rather than maxing it out since I'm not a savvy audiophile ; )


My Current Setup


1. E6300 - 2GB rams - Sound Blaster Audigy Plat 2 - X1950pro - 320 Gb HD

2. Marantz Amp

3. Bose Ac 10


Will sell the Amp and Speakers



I normally use it to listen to r&b, hip/hop and pop music - not into jazz or symphony


Will link all of them up to play games, listen to music and watch movies


Gaming/Movies (Vcd/Dvd)


What I'm Looking for


1. Amp (Not into normal brand names)

2. Speakers

3. Sound card

4. Others




As I do not know much about audio, can you kindly let me know if I need optical output and if it'll be better


Speakers - do I need 2.1 or 7.1 since I normally watch drama dvd only


Soundcard - Seems like there's some EAX stuff nowadays. Would it be good for my system


Amp - What type do I need? I see alot of names floating ard like Citypulse and such


Thanks !!

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