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Swordsman Starring Sam Hui?

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Hi friends

I just bought this from Laser Flair, great movie but the DVD was a con job, it was not DTS!!!

My 3rd copy of this classic, anyone has seen the DTS newly re-mastered version?





I have it in my cabinet. I thought that day you saw it? No problem, next time can show you again  ;D


Fook Lai

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Thanks for showing me your disc, sadly the image quality has not improved a lot, but the sound is clearer indeed esp with the DTS track. Alas the effects feel a little too added on.

Anyway this movie was great due to the groundbreaking acting, kung fu and filming, so I will be content for a while, maybe until the HD DVD comes out....

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Just went through this series again.



IMHO Sam Hui was the best, although Jet Li had the kungfu moves.


But the music in all three was great.


These shows pioneered a lot of Tsui Hark's director style, his special effects and left an indelible mark on HK movies, with many moves still being imitated in other shows.


Worth keeping and I look forward to these on Blu Ray














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