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Need recommendations on home theater components

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I'm buying a home theater for my bedroom. The room is small. I want to buy something that will also satisfy me for just listening to music. At the moment I've set my eye on:

Denon 2308 receiver

Energy RC10 fronts

Energy Mini center

Energy RC Mini for the back

Energy S8.3 Subwoofer

Cost: $2,000.


I would wecome opinions of folks with more experience who have listened to other systems of similar cost that will be bettet to what I'm looking at. Thank you very much.



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After window shopping this afternoon I want to add another contender to the speaker mix. I auditioned the new B&W 685 speaker with it's matching center, rears and sub. Great sounding too, but I listened to these in a different store. Has anyone been able to listen to both the B&W 685 as well as the Energy RC 10 side by side? The B&W will set me back another $500 for the whole set. Any advise at this point will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I started doing just that.



The room measures 12' x 14'. And I will only be able to use half of it for settin up the system (one love seat on one end and an AV furniture at the opposite side with Sharp Acquos 37" LCD on top and the components inside.



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