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DVD rental shop / library

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Will like to know do u guys join any of the above beside those from National Library & Esplanade.


I am interested in those ad-hoc rental service around Jurong area..There are 2 in Jurong Point but they only offer R3 discs.

Those online rental require a mthly subscription and I know some neighborhood shop is using the coupon system..where u pay a lump sum which is valid for a yr....Is there any shop in the west that offer R1 disc as well



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I'm a regular customer of the 2 DVD rental shops in JP. I was lucky that I had rented R1 discs from these shops before but very very few (I remember not more than 5 R1 discs). Some of the R3 PQ from them were s**ked.  :( 


I would be glad if there are shops in the west that offered R1 discs for rent. :D

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