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Help - Toshiba 34ax9ue acting weird

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I think this is the same forum back in 2001/2002 where I read up and in the end bought my toshiba 34ax9ue. 


Now five years plus of good service later, it occasionally will all of a sudden act wierd on me.  The problem is it either the picture goes blank completely or it will only show a small rectangle of the picture with the rest of the screen blank. Cannot also switch channel but the sound is not affected.  Funny thing is i can still activate the tv onscreen menu and it lets me navigate the menu. .


Luckily this problem can go away by switching off, let it rest awhile and its ok for next few days.  Don't know what is causing it, some cpu hanging problem maybe?  The tube should be ok i believe. 


Is it worthwhile to repair this fault if it gets worse?  5 years old seems too early for it to go.

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