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harlow peeps,

below is my Wanted List, though i'll only consider reasonable offers (within my budget over time... keke) and will only purchase them over a month or two.


looking for Used, Standard Definition, Widescreen and Region 1 DVDs only. reason is used dvds are cheaper and less harsh for my pockets as long as they are in good condition, and i'm ok with standard defintion as i'm more interested in the movie itself, and i'm too spoilt to having Region 1 discs liao.


thank you so much in advance (for reading the list)!

(Music Concert) Everything is Nice: Matador Records 10th Anniversary Anthology

Harold and Maude

Little Miss Sunshine

Do the Right Thing (Criterion)


Sin City (Recut, Extended, Unrated edition)

Children of Men

Short Cuts

Paris, je t'aime

Ed Wood (Special Edition)


Selling the below-mentioned discs as well, all code 1, and are in good condition unless otherwise stated... possible to send through post.

The Accused - S$10

Blade Runner Director's Cut - S$10

Family Man - S$10

Fatal Attraction - S$10

The King and I - S$10

Kundun - S$10

Malcolm X - S$10

The Year of Living Dangerously - S$10



SMS me at 98289596 for meetup options and payment details.

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