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Who Just Bought MK Hospital Grade UK 3pins Plug?

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Ok, left plug are the MK Toughplug that I bought from Farnell few years back.

With 'MK' logo on the base and 'MK' fuse (not on pic).

At that time, the build of the MK Hospital grade I bought from LHS, also same as the left type.

Just got the 'Hospital Property' printed.


Now I just bought 2 MK Toughplug, right plug in the pic, from Farnell again and found out that the build quality

are not as good as last time.. No 'MK' logo on the base, fuse is Bussmann, not MK.


I did a search on the web and all show up the Toughplus as in the right of the pic...

Anybody just bought the MK 'Hostpital Property' 3pins plug recently from LHS or other place,

can check your plug and tell me they are same as left or right?

Thanks a lot if you can advise.


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