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Philips Warehouse Sale 2007

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  • 2 weeks later...

The new design headphones are the only new stuff i see.


As well as various models of mobile phones, especially the XENIUM series models, though not eye catcher in terms of specs, but still worth second look for the less common availability. Lowest price, long running standby time model goes off @ $129. Without contract.


The biggest head turners yesterday are the HTiB and 160gb HDD recorder which is priced below $400 mark, sold out liao. No idea whether it will appear again. Standalone DVD recorder without HDD goes off @ $229. DVD player goes off @ $59.

The design line DVD mini-system MC703 are selling like hot cakes as well, initially sales ppl want to control the issuing sale of the remaining stock by putting "sold out" at all counters, but removed off roughly about 30mins later to clear stock. Luckily i bought one for my aunt use.


On flat screen TV, those who bought 32 inchers gets free delivery. Priced at 999, i would suggest fellow brudders to get from SengSiong or Mustafa to avoid the crowd since the price are the same on the identical model.


PHILIPS are going I.T savvy on their product lines as well. With more choice on mouse, and keyboards and other computer accessories.



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