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Heroes TV series anyone?

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a - buy me a cup of coffee

b - make sure you post a review bro :D


I have already placed my order with Amazon when I saw your post, but subsequently, I emailed them regarding the coupon, and they applied it for my order! Great service from them ;D!


And not to forget, thanks for the heads up Pete!

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Got your set yet?

I just ordered a set SD DVD, so my friends can share the fun.

Seems the audio is a bit quiet, so SD DVD should suffice for most folks.

Not a demo piece



Yup, I've gotten my set. Thanks again for the discount code.


Just finished the series the other night. The 1st episode is quite slow paced and boring as it is about introducing the character, but it gets better from the 2nd episode onwards. It is quite "captivating", like the other tv series "24", in that once you start, you can't stop! As for PQ and SQ wise, truth be told, I'm not any good at noticing the difference between contrast, noise etc, but the picture quality is indeed very sharp, and I'm only watching it on my 43" Pioneer plasma, which is not full HD. Anyway, I'm too engrossed in the film to notice the PQ and SQ too! haha.

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Its a nice plot, but there is little surround effects etc, so I am glad I didn't get the HD version. Using the Toshiba to upscale the R1 discs was fine enough.


One problem though is the inter-linking of the episodes. It means you can't just step into the series and hope to understand.

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I only watch 4 episodes, very confused by the plot.


More like unpredictable... I'm at the 4th disc now..


Yupz, not much surround effects but its nice to see india in Hidef... Anyway, with engrossing storyline, many dark scenes and my display cant do black well, I dont think I gain too much with the HD version compared to other titles..


Pete, i thought u got the HD version? Changed ur order? Btw, the cheer leader is not so flawless in HD.. am quite distracted by the blemishes in her nose area... her lips looks irresistable though....

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I just watched the 1st 2 episodes of Season 2.  ;)


Some not too spoilery info:


Hiro's storyline continues in ancient japan, and watch out for a chio sword-maker's daughter.

Molly is now living with the policeman and the indian professor

Claire's storyline involves college


If you want more spoilery stuff, can pm me. 8-)


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For those slightly lost, the season revolves around establishing the main characters, their powers and each story continues onto the next.


"save the cheerleader, save the world" is the main stem story


I won't spoil it for you, but even my dad who does not do English serials much is hooked

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