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Bryston, Berkeley Alpha And Off Ramp

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Hi Guys

For all you DAC and computer audio aficionados I thought I would mention a comparison I have just done. A fellow SNA'er was kind enough to send me his Bryston DAC and Berkeley Alpha to check out. First many thanks to Onthebeach for sending it.

Ok - the Alpha. Tried it with my Metrum. I think it is above the Audiophilleo but maybe with a slight milkiness. Hooked up the Off-Ramp - entirely different class - afraid it blows the Berkeley away. More analogue like, richer, greater detail, total lack of any milkiness. Everything I have tried against it is the same - the Wavelength and now the Berkeley come the closest - I rate the Berkeley about the same as the Wavelength from memory. Considering its cost I would have expected it to be closer but there you go.

Connected the Off-Ramp to the Bryston. A slight trace of coldness and not quite the detail of the WFS fed the same way. Still very very good. I would put it on about a par with the Tranquility signature - but different (that DAC has a euphonic midrange character to it everyone likes and I personally prefer it but I try to put that sort of thing to one side when posting comparisons) - the DAC's in front of it are the WFS (only when fed from the Off-Ramp - otherwise its not that good), Metrum, Killer, and PDX. The Metrum has this feeling of extreme transparency and the PDX somehow tricks the brain into sounding more real - at least to my ears anyway. I suspect its something to do with the valve output stage.



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