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Music Trivia Night Anyone?


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Just thought I'd see if anybody would be interested in going to a music trivia quiz night. My self along with a mate from work used to attend when our shifts coincided with them. Unfortunately the third member of our team and 50's,60's and 70's guru has moved to the country and can no longer attend.

Last time we went they were held at PJ O'Briens on East Tce on a Tuesday evening. I haven't been for about 6 months now and would have to see if they are still running.

They are a fun evening out, free to enter with the chance of winning jugs of beer and some cash prizes. From memory $500 is up for grabs every night if a team can get three bonus questions correct at the end of the night. They are usually quite obscure questions though.

It is not a particularly late night and usually wind up around 9:30PM

My mate and I have thought about going again but it would be better with some more people, particularly people with some knowledge of music from the 50's to today. I figured this should be such a place to find just such people.

If I get some interest here I will do some enquiring and get something happening pronto. I think I should be avalable for the next couple of Tuesdays but then back on shift for about 4 weeks.

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