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I am not promoting this but came across this pair of speakers.Auditioned them and found them musical.

Ther are CAV, Model MR1, selling for S$780 price negotiable includes delivery and delivery charges are free.


Location :The shop is Ocean wide Electronics Pte Ltd., #01-31/32/33 Bukit Timah shopping Centre.

Contact: Mr. Gilbert Pang


Another alternative to the better known ones we are all familar with.


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Guess that the Tannoy will not suit your taste as their Mercury and Revolution range have a signature laid back sound.


In that case, make a trip to KEC or Audioact (SLS 3rd floor), ask them to hook up the setup you have and go thru the speakers they stock.


BTW, the PM7000 has a rather bright top end, so please avoid any speakers that use Metal Tweeters.

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after been to the hifi show, getting tire of it....most of the stuff out there were 2 Xpensive 4 ppl like me.it does nt look in2 the interest of those who earn small buck$, mayb i shld have juz stick 2 my system or put my interest in2 smthg else.


Ayah, never mind lah.. hifi show oni to see equipment or girls. hardly can buy anything. some lucky mabbe pick off one or two CD or LP lor.


You got shortlist some speakers right? Just listen to them and decide and buy lor. Then your itch will cure. Then move to other things like buy more CDs or whatever. Or bring your kids/wife/gf/family out for good dinner. They are important to your hifi too, right?!? ;D


my 2 rupiah :)

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