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CHUD's DVD Review : Fellowship of the Ring (Extnd Edtn)

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There is a R4 4 disc set but more expensive than R1 version. the extras should be the same.


Ok thanks! I think i'll get the R1 from Amazon then.


Have you gotten yours yet? :D


BTW, nice boxset for the R2. But menus are in german?

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the 4 discs set will cost half of the 5 discs set.


try amazon canada and get it with the $10 coupon found here:




I would love to order on-line and I'm not exactly a net novice. But I'm wary about the package being impounded and send to BFC. And I was told our customs guys are sending all titles with packaging from on-line DVD straight to BFC.


Of coz I know many people are doing it and getting away with it. I just dun want to be the 'unlucky' one. Know what I mean??

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Its all about luck. Somtimes kena, sometimes don't.


Try small on-line buys initially. You'll stop when you feel the game of chance is not worth anymore. But until you try, you'll never know for yourself.


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