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For the HT enthusias seeking for bass perfection, this is proven scientifically and quantatively. No nonsense, no magic stones, no black magic claims. If you want improved bass response read here!


Living with years of boomy bass inherent with any HT, I decided to rid myself of boomy bass once and for all. Few weeks ago, I acquired a Behringer Feedback Destroyer to tame the boomy bass. Little did I know, it was to be a life changing procurement.



Firstly, boomy bass can be heard as, simply, bass boom. Its the result of room modes. Room modes always produce sharp changes in SPL as frequency sweeps along. Thus, the culprit of uneven bass response. This in short, is what causes boomy bass. :(


Here is how my raw room bass frequency response is like. Using my compensated RatShack SPL meter, this curve was measured with mains set to large, and the sub complimenting the lower bass. The curve shows a mighty +10dB peak at 45Hz, with horrific -10db & -18db dips at 50Hz and 125Hz.

Really ugly and nasty bass response! Considering I'm using a REL strata 2! At least its close to flat at all other freqs.


In comes the BFD, placed between the AVR and the sub. The BFD has got 2x12 fully programmable param EQs. Bandwidth of each EQ is adjustable from 1/60 octave to 2 octaves. EQ freq. is ajdustable to just about any freq within 20Hz to 20KHz. Gain adjustable from -48 to +16dB.


So, the process of cutting those peaks, removing those dips is next. Its a trial and error process, but the results are astonishing. Check this out!


The peak is now removed, dips at 125Hz have improved. (Suspect destructive interference of sub and mains caused the dip. Cutting the sub at 125Hz prevented this destructive interaction.)


The final bass response curve is now ruler flat. No peaks, no dips. Just nice ruler flat response, the mains integrated nicely with the sub. Each taking over their duties smoothly!


Blue curve was before BFD. Pink curve was during fine tuning. Yellow one was after tuning. Overall, I felt it was worth the effort!



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Can guarantee that many EQs cannot do what the BFD can do to bass response. Definately not to the degree of accuracy with flexibility of the BFD. Unless it has user customisable centre-frequency & Q-factor (bandwidth).


Market price is roughly $270+++.


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