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New DVD Player plays DivX Movies

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Came across this new DVD player.

Its a product from KiSS Technologies, not sure whether is it gd anot? Is this the first of the kind? Anyone seen b4? Comments?


I wonder is it available in Singapore?


Read the description and download the pdf document which describes the player...






A company called KiSS Technologies has manufactured a new DVD Player called

the DP- 450 which allows people to burn DivX movies (Version 4.0 and

greater) onto discs and watch them.


ISO MPEG-4 and DivX are very well known formats on the In-ternet. The format

gives you a high picture and sound quality,

which comes very close to the quality of a DVD movie.


More info can be found in a PDF document from KiSS. I've been waiting for

these to come out for a long time. Hopefully more codecs will come out onto

commercial DVD players.



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