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Best Sounding Tuner U guys Hav Encounter


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Anyone have heard of any good sounding tuner tat u dun believe its a tuner till the DJ start talkin......


Any Encounter u guys wanna share wif us??


im a tuner-man basically... thought of gettin some interestin info/ experince from u guys :)



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Glad to know that another tuner lover here.

Not much of a tuner guy myself.

However, had owned over 4 tuners in my short stint of hifi, the pioneer 204,208, Yamaha Tx-930 and sansui Tu-217.

The sansui tu-217 is the best sounding of them all

But the deck now a bit conk will be bringing it for servicing end of these week..

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Me encounter the best sounding tuner from Norman Audio. The YBA tuner's reception so clear and stable. I also thought it is cd player, the boss even push the remote controller to me to fiddle with the system. The price tag is around $1300, but i had forgotten which model is that. ;)

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Which station did you listen to? Was it 92.4?

Just asking cos the radio reception in SG generally suxx.


That time i just used the remote he pass to me, change afew channels to hear the receptions quality of other stations. All sounded very stable, i wondered did he use any tuner booster. ::)

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Hi Transworld,


It seems that it isn't difficult to get a stable signal from the stations in SG with the use of filtering techniques and stuff. The main problem lies with the apparent dynamic range of the radio reception in SG. Here, a radio sounds like, well a radio. You can easily distinguish it from media replay as it sounds compressed. It may sound clean but still compressed. Whereas down in the UK, which ironically has far greater land area than SG, the radio reception is generally almost indistinguishable from cd replay almost all of the time using components like an ordinary car radio or a portable receiver. That's quite commendable in my opinion. Someone once told me that the reason why radio is so inferior in SG is mainly due to multipath interference. Dunno whether this is true or not, but the proof is in the pudding, and so far no radio has really left a very good impression on me yet. Maybe i should drop by NA one day to have a listen. :)

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Tried to get it connect to yr scv fm wall socket

alternatively tried one of those dedicated fm indoor amplifer at sim lim tower, will "almost" guarantee reception of every stations in s'pore.

But honestly, the fm wall socket "less than perfect receptivity" might still sound better on certain stations than the indoor antenna sounding more "warm" whereas the latter sound a bit "compressed" but for listen to wkrz 91.3 dance music u will be able to pick out

more detail and rythmn than the former


Btw i dun dig those >$1** outdoor di-pole antenna

doubt how the thing will improve u system if yr fm wall socket doesn't do the job properly in the first place further more the 'review' by those are usually those live in the suburb when they don't have the convenient of the fm wall socket in the first place..

Just my two share worth of csm ;)


Hi Guys,


any idea where 2 get a gd quality aerial?? indoor or outdoor are welcome :)

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Paiseh.. that pic(tu-217) i taken from a site

actually the one i had now the rack's handle had some of the paintwork chipped, comestically wise would say it abt 80% of what u saw on the pic

Btw take care of yr Luxman-T1it a vintage

and from a guru on Yahoo Fmtuner group. Changing all the old caps in the vintage tuner will enable the thing to carry on for another 10-15 yrs...



tats the one luxman t1 :)


wow from yr pic, guess i have to do some polishin liao... my knob tanish liao compare 2 yrs :(



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Hi eow,


Any idea where can i get a full furish service for her?? Any recommended place other than the official??


btw i dunno how good it is compare to other tuner but i do sound good to me at least.... its very different sounding from those normal black box tuner... guess thats the only word i can describe her :)





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So far as i know there are one cfm which was recommended by metalgear in fowler's thread "pls recommend a reliable..." and another which possibly worth a tried..


The cfm source is

Albert's no. 6583 3280 - Elias Electronics

Had gave him a call last week. Supposed to bring it down today for servicing but heck it raining heavily

so postpone the trip


The other is this adrian guy which was quite a regular in singnet classified ads posting 2nd item for sale.Had went to his place before...the guy seem to do servicing/mod for vintage tuner too(saw the Marantz 10b tube tuner lying on one of the shelf classified as

" best tube tuner" at all price range.

Btw the" best transistor/solid state category" went to the Sansui Tu-x1

For Vintage .....


The good news is the problem for my tuner may not be that 'bad' cos just joined a yahoo fm tuner group. Posted the question on my Tuner.

Hey presto! One of the fellow reply back that the prob might ly in the leaking electrolytic capacitor.


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