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Where to get the cheapest DVD?

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Hiya All Snr in the forum...


I have read alot of the threads by u all. I will like to enquiries on some DVD sale issue...


1) Where do u all mostly get the DVD from?? Local or Online??


2) If Local, can share which shop is sort of consider cheapest....


3) If online, Which do u all prefer? Cos i personally have tried ordered from Mr kwang. I will says it is a very good site...


4) I will like to get The Lords of the Ring after all the threads posted all the die hard fan in here. Which shop do u all recommend?? Cos i have just returned from Sim Lim and 1 shops located at the 3rd flr sells it at $43.9 + free poster. i know this is consider a bit X then where u all get it at $38 - $39. What do u all think? Also i have saw the thread from Devoted is it only AU$33.90!!! Can share yr opininon?

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1) I buy almost 99% of my DVDs online, received every DVD ordered (>300), except those from TAU, which overcharged my Credit Card and took me almost one year to get my money back. Buying online is substantially cheaper, and there are many titles which you cannot buy locally because they are banned. Currently, the policy is slightly relaxed, and if you use ordinary Air Mail (warning : do not use courier or Expedited), you will receive all your orders.


2) For local shops, no single shop is cheapest for all titles, and you need a lot of time, energy, effort and legwork to find the cheapest for a certain title, but the most terrible thing is that local prices are normally 20% to 200% higher than the cost buying online. For example, many DVDs sell for under US$10 but they are sold for $45 to $50 in local shops. Thats the sad situation for for Code 1 and Code 4 DVDs. Many people still buy locally because they are not aware of the great price differences or the big fat profits of local shops.


Recently, I wanted to get Ferddie Mercury's Tribute concert DVD. This is only available in Code 2 (British/Europe). It was selling at $75 at HMV Singapore. With British online websites - it was 16 to 18 british pounds, which even plus shipping included is only 50% of HMV Singapore's price.


"Cheap" local shops are Music Warehouse, LaserFlair and Blue Max. Check Tel directory for locations, but more importantly, check online website prices. For the price of every 3 DVDs bought locally, with the same amount of money, you can buy 4 or almost 5 DVDs from online shops. Imagine the amount saved if you buy a lot of DVDs like myself.


3) Since you mention Mr Kwang, you may have a preference for Asian DVDs (HK, Korean, & Jap). Check past threads here for many good buying online sites which were extensively discussed. Among the cheapest is DDDHouse for HK DVDs, and Coolashop for HK and Taiwanese DVDs.


4) Lord of the Rings 2 disc set (Code 1) is currently the cheapest at Music Warehouse ($38). But if you want a free poster, LaserFlair sells it for $39.90. Blue Max sells for $39.90 without any poster. For me personally, I would buy the 4 or 5 disc version in November, which has an extended version of the movie, has DTS soundtrack, and much higher video quality because the movie is spread over 2 discs, allowing a higher video bitrate.


Devoted's two disc version is Code 4 (Australian) which is identical to the Code 1 version.

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to buy online or local depends on you since you might wanna just get passed titles here for convenience and wont mind a few bucks more for it. Sometimes buying locally can be a pleasant surprise take for example the recent LOTR price war and the earlier Pearl Harbor Vista Series whereby a local distributor bought in too much and had to release the title for S$59.90 (which if you go Laserflair can purchase it for S$49)



ok online sites that have been mentioned before in this forum and have been given endorsement by some of its members


again different people will have different experiences and it is strictly your own responsibility who you choose to give your business to. Do Note there are some occasions when certain websites are licensed to do exclusive releases then you dont have much choice in selection.


R1 titles






R3 titles









Do you research and familiarise with various pricing and shipping policies...

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For R4, I wish to add




I had very good and quick service from them in 3 separate orders, very reasonable prices too, usually cheaper than EzyDVD.


BTW, Devoted's website should end with "au"



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With referrence to www.dvdsoon.com, if the country of delivery is not reflected in website, how on earth did you guys order from that site?


you could write to them.... it is possible that Singapore was struck off the delivery destination listing due to some incident in the past. convinced them of your sincerity to deal with them and keep your fingers crossed.

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THANK YOU!!!!! For all yr Xperiences........ and yr contacts :D


Now i thinking to to get the LOTR don't know to get the available version or to wait..... for the Special ed... ThanK!!!


That depends on your personal preference. No one can tell u which version to buy. U mau also want to compare the specs first b4 u make any decision.

If u want the threatrical version and don't care about the extended director's cut, get the available version.

If u want the extended cut plus DTS sound, get the 4-disc version.

If u have extra cash to spare, like the bookends and national geographic disc on the making of the film, get the 5-disc gift set.

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Yep, me used airmail. But they keep assuring us that their DHL option is pretty safe and their forums have users who say so too.


Safe for other countries but not Singapore.


For Singapore, using any courier means your DVDs go stright to FPD. This is an instruction by FPD to all courier companies (DHL, FedEx etc). Of course, there are a few lucky cases who received their discs, but would you want to test your luck so many times ?

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